30 mm / Black dial / Black silicone strap

PICTO wrist watch with a rotating dial and black silicone strap with polished black buckle. The dial on this watch is 30 mm.


129,00 €
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129,00 €

Solid stainless steel case, hardened mineral glass, 5 ATM.
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SKU 43360-0112B
Size 30 mm
Dial Color White on Black
Bezel Polished Black
Strap Material Silicone strap
Strap Width 12 mm
Strap Color Black
Movement MIYOTA 2025

Arne Jacobsen's design caused a stir everywhere and the magic is; it is still does. Great design is is characterized by continuous fascination as time goes by – and no matter whether you choose a design from 1939 or 1972 you are guaranteed a watch, that never loses its place in time.

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A dot and a line. PICTO takes the seriousness out of timekeeping,  showing time in the most minimalistic way.  Its decades-long history and defiant design have made it an icon amongst watches. And yet,  it is a  symbol of time in the most peculiar fashion. Taking the pressure away from timekeeping while celebrating the art of it at the same time. A staple like PICTO craves the attention of someone who defies the norm, who commands a double-take, and shakes things up. Maybe someone like you? PICTO is an inspiration to those who set their own agenda – to be less bound by the expectations and demands of time. To become an icon, you must first dare to stand out. Why not start with PICTO?


What time
is it?

PICTO challenges the idea of a classic watch having two watch hands and
a numbered dial. Here, the hour is indicated by a dot on the rotating dial,
while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. It is the technical
design and art of minimalism that makes it unique. To this day, still.


We've got the full selection of PICTO straps and bands – just take a look. All straps are easy to change yourself – you can even do it on the go and always have your look on point.

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Get inspired with stories from all around the PICTO

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How about having PICTO as a table clock? And we went: "Yeah baby", so here you go: We're proud to present the PICTO Table Clock.

A 45mm face-mounted on a simple and elegant stand. We think you'll like it. We do.

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