40 mm /Burnt Yellow dial / Burnt Yellow recycled strap

PICTO Ocean Ghost Net 40 mm wristwatch with a rotating dial and Manta Ray Black recycled strap


모든 사이즈는 여성 손목 평균 사이즈를 기준으로 표시되었습니다.

평균 남성 손목 사이즈에 표시된 40mm 시계입니다.


Customize 40 mm /Burnt Yellow dial / Burnt Yellow recycled strap
PICTO 40 mm Burnt Yellow / Burnt Orange   + ₩0.00
Burnt Yellow Recycled Strap 20mm   + ₩0.00
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Recycled Fishing Nets PA6, hardened mineral glass, 5 ATM.
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SKU R44021-R020
크기 40 mm
다이얼 색상 Burnt Yellow
베젤 매트 블랙
스트랩 재질 재활용 플라스틱
스트랩 너비 20 mm
스트랩 색상 Burnt Yellow
움직임 MIYOTA 2025

Introducing the PICTO® Ocean Ghost Net watch collection.
PICTO has been a Danish Design Icon since 1984, with its minimalist approach to timekeeping matched with powerful color combinations.
By sourcing sustainable materials and producing a watch using Ocean Ghost Nets from our seas, our most significant task was not to compromise the original design from 1984. Instead, meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process has made it possible for the PICTO to create a new line of sustainable watches while staying true to its original design and history.

At PICTO®, we aim to take small steps every day to be more sustainable. And the Ocean Ghost Net project is our newest, most ambitious project where we hope that our watches will serve as a daily reminder to do our part for the environment.

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The watch case is constructed using upcycled fishing nets from the ocean redeveloped into nylon plastic pellets. Apart from reducing the plastic pollution in the sea, it also prevents the ensnaring and harming of marine mammals. The case stays true to the original design from 1984 and offers a new lightweight form factor with an array of powerful color combinations. In addition, the case features 5 ATMs.



The new straps for the PICTO®  Ocean Ghost Net watch collection are made of 100% recycled plastic, reducing the plastic waste, one watch at a time. The new straps offer a unique look to the PICTO®  Ocean Ghost Net watch collection and bring all-day comfort with super lightweight and breathable straps.



I mitten av 30-talet ritade en ung Arne Jacobsen ett hus åt H. J. Hansen, som var direktör för Lauritz Knudsen (ett stort välkänt företag inom elbranschen). Direktören såg talangen hos Arne Jacobsen och bad honom designa en klocka till sitt nya hem. Arne Jacobsen antog utmaningen och ritade en väckarklocka, vilket var hans första industriella produktdesign.

Klockan presenterades på vårmässan i Charlottenborg, Köpenhamn 1939, och är Arne Jacobsens första industriella produktdesign. Tidigt i sin karriär var enkelhet och designlinjer kännetecknande för Arne Jacobsens design.

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