3 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Men's Watch - Our Guide


They say that time is golden, which is why watches maintain its universal appeal even in a digitally-oriented, mobile society. While there are cell phones to tell you the time, watches are a timeless addition to one’s ensemble and worth wearing at all ages. 


From playful, unabashedly luxurious, to understated elegance, giving a watch can make jaws drop as it’s a stunning, sensible, and sentimental gift that is perfect for all occasions. 


Speaking of which, finding the right watch to give to your husband, boyfriend, or father can be tricky, but it’s all about matching the style with their personality. Minimal watches are often an excellent choice because they can match almost every man’s style. 


Here are some tips you should know when shopping for the ideal watch to gift for your loved one: 


Tip #1: Consider The Watch Material To Judge The Quality  


Before taking apart the watch's design, it’s best to start by looking into the quality of the material. There’s plenty to consider, but the popular ones range between stainless steel, ceramics, gold, titanium, silicone rubber, and plastic.


While metal doesn’t necessarily make it more premium, it offers better durability than softer materials like plastic, rubber, and ceramic. Stainless steel is the most accessible, but titanium is the better choice if you’re willing to pay more for its longevity. 


Wood is a unique choice, but it’s reliable in terms of its robustness, and versatile design can add a contemporary touch to a man. 


There’s no doubt that gold is the epitome of luxury and is not afraid to make a bold statement, though keep in mind that it is susceptible to scratches and can lose its shape faster than other materials.


Tip #2: Consider The Watch Face Sizes 


After assessing the materials, it’s best to look at the appropriate watch face size that suits your man’s wrist. If you don’t know the right size, the rule of thumb is to choose the standard, which will run anywhere from 34 mm to 40 mm. That said, it’s better to choose a fitting proportion since a good watch shouldn’t look too small or large on a person’s wrist. 


When it comes to watches, one size doesn’t fit all. While there are no hard rules in getting a perfect size, it helps to measure the person’s wrist since it will impact both the wearer's looks and comfortability. 


Tip #3: Consider The Watch Band Materials 


One of the most prominent features that can change the look and feel of a watch entirely is the band, and fortunately, there’s plenty to choose from. The standard options include leather straps, stainless steel straps, nylon banding straps, wood, titanium, silicone rubber, and more. 


Leather is the perennial favorite for connoisseurs and beginners alike thanks to its unrivaled quality and durability. The material’s appeal is why Arne Jacobsen’s leather watches are so popular. Mesh bands are also very popular, but the best thing about bands is that you can switch between different straps to give your watch face a fresh look. 


The Bottom Line: Slipping On The Ideal Man’s Watch That Suit Your Father, Boyfriend, Or Husband’s Style 


Watches make one of the best gifts for different occasions and ages, especially since it offers panache as much as it is practical to any ensemble. While watches are undoubtedly a luxurious gift, the colorful range of style for all budgets make it extraordinary for every person. 


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