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Womens Wrist Watches

Here you have it. Our great selection of women's designer watches in all different kinds of colors and materials.

All watches have a dial measuring either 30 or 40 mm. Choose the 40 mm watch for the ultimate statement look!

The PICTO® wristwatch is for all women not afraid of standing out. It is for the original who breaks with the norms and is happy with having plenty of possibilities – on the store shelves and in life.

Danish Design from 1984

PICTO® was created by the two young hippies Steen and Erling in 1984. In a time when everyone was busy talking about “time is money”, and “every minute counts”, the two creators went in the diametrically opposite direction.

With its clean, minimalist graphic lines PICTO® sets a new standard for the way of showing time. The hour is marked with a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. The true art of minimalism.