Yayoi Kusama is quite unique. One of a kind, deeply original, immensely popular.

She is world-renowned for her universe of colorful, broadly branched designs covering the surfaces of paintings and sculptures. She truly manages to create endless and inspiring spaces.

The PICTO® limited edition watch is launched in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama x JD.com. Along with the watch you get an additional black/yellow dotted silicone strap and a JD.com x Yayoi Kusama limited canvas bag with the unique design ‘Yellow Tree’ by Yayoi Kusama.
The minimalistic and iconic design of the watch is not to be mistaken. The collab will be sold exclusively on JD.com and on the global PICTO® brand site as a gift set In The Name of Love.

The brand new PICTO® design is created as a tribute to Kusama. The dial is maintained in the minimalistic and classic design as we have seen it through the design history of the watch for more than 30 years.


She is the most selling female artist worldwide. And especially her unique artistic avant-garde style and captivating personality, makes her world famous. This co-branding with JD.com is inspired by her "Yellow Tree" art and the canvas bag is just a reinterpretation of her personal classics, combined with her representative budding branches and pumpkin - creating a brand new street fashion piece.

PICTO® is the world's first wristwatch that displays time as a pictogram. Since the 80's, PICTO® has challenged the traditional understanding of the mechanical watch by showing time in the most insisting minimalistic way. Since the launch of the watch back in 1984, PICTO® has become a sensation within the international design world. Since then, the watch has been on a journey and has been represented in some of the largest European design exhibitions.

With this collaboration, PICTO® enters into a very distinguished group. Yayoi Kusama is not anyone, and her art and installations are not displayed and used anywhere. Previously, the acclaimed artist have collaborated with the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, and primo 2018, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City launched a limited skateboard collection with the well-known Polka Dots.

With this exclusive launch in collaboration with JD.com x Yayoi Kusama, we hope to spread joy, love and attention to love through the power of art. Make your life colorful!

You can buy the art collaboration set at jd.com >>