Ever since the first mechanical clocks were made in the 1200s, they have consisted of a face and two hands. Until Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen set out to challenge the traditional understanding of a mechanical watch. The year is 1984. Steen Georg Christensen has just acquired his father’s watch factory busy producing watches for great Danish designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Henning Koppel and Erik Magnussen.


Yayoi Kusama is quite unique. One of a kind, deeply original, immensely popular. She is world-renowned for her universe of colorful, broadly branched designs covering the surfaces of paintings and sculptures. She truly manages to create endless and inspiring spaces.

How a Sleek Wristwatch Completes Your Look

Nowadays, smartphones are replacing old-fashioned, analog wristwatches that millennials deem obsolete. After all, wristwatches serve only one purpose— to tell the time. Yet, the digital landscape’s greatest, such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet each sport one. 

Impressively, you’ll find that a leather watch does more than indicate the hour, minute, and second. Here are a few reasons you should consider a wristwatch as one of your fashion staples. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Styling With Your Watch

Using your wristwatch as a design focal point for your everyday style can be a gateway for you to become more fashionable and expressive with your clothing. However, you also have to be careful because you may make mistakes that can leave the wrong impression on the people around you. Fortunately, we have just the information and tools you need to pull off a successful wristwatch styling. All you need to do is keep reading to find out!

3 Qualities Modern Women Want in a Watch

When people imagine women’s watches, they tend to think of dainty, delicate timepieces with tiny cases and pink straps. While those are fine watches to love, modern women appreciate a range of functional jewelry to cater to different tastes. Gone are the days of the pink feminine design monolith; today’s women are interested in expressing their unique style through their watches, which varies just as much as their personalities do.

3 Reasons to Buy a Minimalist Watch for Your Collection

For the longest time, watches have been considered as a fashionable and functional staple in any accessory rack or jewelry collection, and rightfully so.

Coming a long way from train conductor models and pocket iterations, today’s timepieces are fashionably worn on any wrist to tie a whole outfit together while making it easier to tell the time. With brands continuously pushing the pace for unique styles, it can be quite challenging to find the perfect watch to wear because of the variety of available options

Here Is Why Timepieces Are The Perfect Gift For Women

Modern technology has turned many things obsolete, but certain aspects of the past persist. Whether it's because of the romance or the aesthetic, certain things like watches, books, and letters are still desirable. A watch is a perfect keepsake or heirloom. Timepieces come in different styles; there are ones with leather watch bands while others are made entirely of metal. What's great about it is you can find one to complement any outfit.