Your purchase is covered by the Sale of Goods Act. This means that you have a 2 year warranty from date of delivery. Depending on the specific situation you can either have a faulty product repaired or replaced, refund or reduction in price. It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not due to misuse of the product, loss of the product or the like. The warranty does not cover damage of the strap, glass or crown. You must complain within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. We recommend that you notice us as soon as possible. A complaint within 2 months after the fault was discovered are always considered timely.

If you need to make use of your warranty please contact Customer Service:
(+45) 70 22 19 39

If the complaint is justified, we will refund the shipping costs. If it is not justified you must bear all costs of transport, including the costs for the return of the goods after the investigation. Remember that the product must always be in proper packaging and do not forget to save the receipt for the shipment. You have the responsibility of the package until we have received it. So; keep the postal receipt incl. information on freight costs and tracking number. Please note that we do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery or the like.